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Pro Guard Paint Protection Films
Pro Guard Paint Protection FilmsTM

Pro Guard Paint Protection FilmsTM is a thermoplastic polyurethane manufacturing and converting company. Our mission is to preserve your vehicle for the best value period! We guarantee the best quality and service money can buy!

Our Films

Our paint protection films are made of clear polyurethane. They have been designed and engineered to help protect automotive paint and other vulnerable surfaces from stone chips, scratches, bug damage, road tar stains, automotive fluid stains, and outdoor weathering. The film does not alter the appearance of your vehicle, or its surface texture, yet offers peace of mind protection against damaging elements.


Why Choose Pro Guard Paint Protection Films?

Pro Guard Paint Protection Films


Our films are engineered to maintain a clear surface appearance with UV blocking technology. Rest ensured your film will never discolour!


Sticks and stones will never hurt our films with our self healing properties, scratches will disappear

Mirror Smooth Finish

Show quality shine just like the day it left the factory.

Edge Seal Technology

Unlike other films, our films stay where you put them. Edges lifting are a thing of past.

Local Support

We are local to you and are here to support you!

Ready To Install Kits

Extensive catalog of pre-cut kits available for many makes and models!

Partial Front End

18” - 24” Up Hood and Fenders,
Front Bumper, Headlights and Side Mirrors.

Full Front End

Full Hood, Full Fenders, Front Bumper,
Headlights and Side Mirrors.
Full Vehicle

Every Exposed Painted Surface.

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